Salem Chapel

Theme of the Year - 2017

Salem GLOWS @ 50
Grow in the Word daily
Love God passionately
Obey Him wholeheartedly
Work to harvest souls faithfully
Serve others cheerfully

The Year of Jubilee is significant in bible times.
Some key thoughts for us to reflect as we usher Salem at 50 in 2017.
1. Release of debt
2. Restoration of what was lost or taken
3. Renewal - it's a new beginning
4. Rest - to know that God is our Sufficiency

Main Service Timings



English Worship Service
Children's Church
Chinese Worship Service
Youth Worship Service
(Every 1st Week)


Hokkien Worship Service

Announcements and Events

Water Baptism
15 Oct 17 (6.30pm), Sunday at Church
Please inform Sis Gigi or Sis Ee Moi if you are wanting to be baptised. Baptism classes will be held on 01, 08, 15, & 22 Oct 17, at 9am to 10am at Unit 11A Hall.

Children Church Camp "Have U Heard?"
19 - 22 Nov 17 (Sunday to Wednesday), GB Sembawang Campsite
Children age between 7 to 12 years old. Camp fee is $90. Please register with Sis Ivy. Closing date is 29 Oct 17.

Mark Your Calendar
9 Dec 17, Children's Christmas Party
13 & 16 Dec 17, Community Caroling
25 Dec 17, Christmas Service
31 Dec 17, Watch Nite Service
8 to 11 June 18, Family Camp